Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Typology of Shazz Quranic Qiraat (reciting) justified in Almohtasab Ibn Jenny            0000-00-00
2    Typology of critics about Ibn Mudjahid in Tasbee Qiraat (seven Readings of Quran)            0000-00-00
3    Decisive verses and ambiguous verses from Quran and Hadith point of view    Ph.D    ,    2008-02-04
4    The Examination of Interpretational Views of Alousi from Allameh Tabatabaei’s Attitude    M.Sc.    ,    2009-04-11
5    applicable evaluation of Quran musical aspects (familiarity to poem,relation to quran,and applicable evaluation of measure in quran.    M.Sc.    ,    2010-05-01
6    A research of Mojahid.b.Jabr Macci s exegetical views    M.Sc.    heidari, nahid    2010-06-13
7    a review of doctrinal and socio-political doubts in imam ali`s age and his responses in nahj al-balagah    M.Sc.    shishechi, khadije    2011-05-14
8    basis of Islamic education in Al-mizan and it\'s relationship whith goals, principles and manners of education    Ph.D    hoseini, hakime    2011-06-07
9    restriction in the qoran and how its reflection in the Persian translation of Holy Quran    M.Sc.    mahmood abadi, tahereh    2011-09-08
10    Investigate and correct a part of \\    M.Sc.    tajpor, marziya    2011-11-05
11    Qirāat(Reciting) of Asim by Hafs, from the beginning to fame    Ph.D    shahpasand, ilaha    2012-02-29
12    Correction and investigation part eleventh of Allaameh shobbar’s safvat al-tafasir(from Al-Esra to the first of Maryam)    M.Sc.    Aghaei kamazani, kamran    2012-09-29
13    An Analysis And Criticism of Qur'aniyon's Doubts About Shi'ite Hadiths    Ph.D    Arianfar, Mahdi    2012-10-28
14    ( The twelfth section Correction of Safvat Al-Tafasir manuscript by Allaameh Shobbar)    M.Sc.    Qaraei, Arash    2012-11-17
15    The Role Of The knowledge From The Bible At The Quranic Studies    Ph.D    Arab, Morteza    2012-11-17
16    Evolutionary process in Rasm al-Mushaf and its effect on The Writing of The Quran    Ph.D    rajabi, mohsen    2012-12-09
17    The Interpretation technique of Irshād Al-hayrān ilā Towjihāt Al_qurān    M.Sc.    kadkhoda, raziyeh    2013-03-09
18    A analysis of Pragmatism in the view of Quran and this school`s influence on the contemporary exegetical and hadith studies.    Ph.D    Rezadad, Fatemeh    2013-03-13
19    The investigation and correction a part of Safvata Al -Tafasir interpretation by Allame Shobar.(from the beginning of the book the end of Alhamd )    M.Sc.    mohamadpoor, zohreh    2013-03-29
20    Review and critique on how suras coordinate in Maraghi interpretation    M.Sc.    taherian ghadi, masomeh    2013-04-20
21    Investigate and correct thirteenth part of the second volume of sefvat al-tafaaseer of allaamahshobbar    M.Sc.    fathibardeh, moslem    2013-06-25
22    Recognition of the Quran Exegesis in Iran at Safavi Era    Ph.D    shateri ahmad abadi, mohammad hassan    2014-02-22
23    The Divine Mercy and Its Relationship with the Aqcuisition of Spiritual Achievements of Humankind in Quran s perspective    Ph.D    PEIRAVI, DORALNAJAF    2014-03-12
24    a study on relationship between esteem and religious education according to imams remaks    M.Sc.    ZAREI MOGHADAM, ZAHRA    2014-06-24
25    Compare idealism in government from the perspective of the teachings of the Holy Qur'an commentators Fryqyn (Almizan -Tasnim -Men wahy Al Qur'an -Al Menar - Fi zelal Al Qur'an – Alasas Fi Al Tafsir    M.Sc.    Faraidooni, Mostafa    2014-06-24
26    The Process of Righteous Deed forming from the Viewpoint of Quran    Ph.D    moludi, fatemeh    2014-06-24
27    Comparative study of presented views about limbo verses    M.Sc.    Pasban, Tayebeh    2014-11-15
28    Analytical history of Qira'ats during the first four Hijri centuries    Ph.D    kholoosi, davoud    2015-02-09
29    Correction and Research the First Part Raozah al-amsal Ahmad ibn Abdollah Koozeh konani    Ph.D    karamati, mohammad reza    2015-05-25
30    The integration of the translation of the Quran similar phrases in some Persian translation [With emphasize on the baqara' surah]    Ph.D    bordbar, sareh    2015-10-19
31    A study on the status and function of narratives in Al-Mazhari interpretation(D.1225 AH)    M.Sc.    alizadeh, maryam    2016-02-15
32    The Investigation and correction a 20th part of Safvat Altafasir interpretation by Allameh Shobbar(from the begining of Sure Naba to the end of Quran    M.Sc.    entekhabian, zohre    2016-03-14
33    The History of Musical Chanting Of The Holy Quran The reason and the modality    Ph.D    kordlouie, melika    2016-04-18
34    Infrastructures of statistical researches in holy Quran with an emphasis on the role of Ghira'at and orthography.    Ph.D    sadeghiniya, azam    2016-11-23
35    kalami( Theological) views of sayyed Ali khan Madani and their settings on the divine attributes in Riyaz al_ Salekin    Ph.D    taheri, narges    2017-02-13
36    Methodology of minnah al mannan by sadr (Introductions, sources, Elected Views)    M.Sc.    Maiber, Hayder Hamzah Abed    2017-07-02
37    Recognition of elements and method of interpretation in altafsir Alvasit Mohammad Sayyed Tantavi    Ph.D    mogaddam, mohammad    2017-10-23
38    Morphology of surah Az – Hijr    M.Sc.    zafarmand, farzaneh    2017-11-20