Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Typology of Shazz Quranic Qiraat (reciting) justified in Almohtasab Ibn Jenny            0000-00-00
2    Typology of critics about Ibn Mudjahid in Tasbee Qiraat (seven Readings of Quran)            0000-00-00
3    Decisive verses and ambiguous verses from Quran and Hadith point of view    Ph.D    ,    2008-02-04
4    The Examination of Interpretational Views of Alousi from Allameh Tabatabaei’s Attitude    M.Sc.    ,    2009-04-11
5    applicable evaluation of Quran musical aspects (familiarity to poem,relation to quran,and applicable evaluation of measure in quran.    M.Sc.    ,    2010-05-01
6    A research of Mojahid.b.Jabr Macci s exegetical views    M.Sc.    heidari, nahid    2010-06-13
7    a review of doctrinal and socio-political doubts in imam ali`s age and his responses in nahj al-balagah    M.Sc.    shishechi, khadije    2011-05-14
8    basis of Islamic education in Al-mizan and it\'s relationship whith goals, principles and manners of education    Ph.D    hoseini, hakime    2011-06-07
9    restriction in the qoran and how its reflection in the Persian translation of Holy Quran    M.Sc.    mahmood abadi, tahereh    2011-09-08
10    Investigate and correct a part of \\    M.Sc.    tajpor, marziya    2011-11-05
11    Qirāat(Reciting) of Asim by Hafs, from the beginning to fame    Ph.D    shahpasand, ilaha    2012-02-29
12    Correction and investigation part eleventh of Allaameh shobbar’s safvat al-tafasir(from Al-Esra to the first of Maryam)    M.Sc.    Aghaei kamazani, kamran    2012-09-29
13    An Analysis And Criticism of Qur'aniyon's Doubts About Shi'ite Hadiths    Ph.D    Arianfar, Mahdi    2012-10-28
14    ( The twelfth section Correction of Safvat Al-Tafasir manuscript by Allaameh Shobbar)    M.Sc.    Qaraei, Arash    2012-11-17
15    The Role Of The knowledge From The Bible At The Quranic Studies    Ph.D    Arab, Morteza    2012-11-17
16    Evolutionary process in Rasm al-Mushaf and its effect on The Writing of The Quran    Ph.D    rajabi, mohsen    2012-12-09
17    The Interpretation technique of Irshād Al-hayrān ilā Towjihāt Al_qurān    M.Sc.    kadkhoda, raziyeh    2013-03-09
18    A analysis of Pragmatism in the view of Quran and this school`s influence on the contemporary exegetical and hadith studies.    Ph.D    Rezadad, Fatemeh    2013-03-13
19    The investigation and correction a part of Safvata Al -Tafasir interpretation by Allame Shobar.(from the beginning of the book the end of Alhamd )    M.Sc.    mohamadpoor, zohreh    2013-03-29
20    Review and critique on how suras coordinate in Maraghi interpretation    M.Sc.    taherian ghadi, masomeh    2013-04-20
21    Investigate and correct thirteenth part of the second volume of sefvat al-tafaaseer of allaamahshobbar    M.Sc.    fathibardeh, moslem    2013-06-25
22    Recognition of the Quran Exegesis in Iran at Safavi Era    Ph.D    shateri ahmad abadi, mohammad hassan    2014-02-22
23    The Divine Mercy and Its Relationship with the Aqcuisition of Spiritual Achievements of Humankind in Quran s perspective    Ph.D    PEIRAVI, DORALNAJAF    2014-03-12
24    a study on relationship between esteem and religious education according to imams remaks    M.Sc.    ZAREI MOGHADAM, ZAHRA    2014-06-24
25    Compare idealism in government from the perspective of the teachings of the Holy Qur'an commentators Fryqyn (Almizan -Tasnim -Men wahy Al Qur'an -Al Menar - Fi zelal Al Qur'an – Alasas Fi Al Tafsir    M.Sc.    Faraidooni, Mostafa    2014-06-24
26    The Process of Righteous Deed forming from the Viewpoint of Quran    Ph.D    moludi, fatemeh    2014-06-24
27    Comparative study of presented views about limbo verses    M.Sc.    Pasban, Tayebeh    2014-11-15
28    Analytical history of Qira'ats during the first four Hijri centuries    Ph.D    kholoosi, davoud    2015-02-09
29    Correction and Research the First Part Raozah al-amsal Ahmad ibn Abdollah Koozeh konani    Ph.D    karamati, mohammad reza    2015-05-25
30    The integration of the translation of the Quran similar phrases in some Persian translation [With emphasize on the baqara' surah]    Ph.D    bordbar, sareh    2015-10-19
31    A study on the status and function of narratives in Al-Mazhari interpretation(D.1225 AH)    M.Sc.    alizadeh, maryam    2016-02-15
32    The Investigation and correction a 20th part of Safvat Altafasir interpretation by Allameh Shobbar(from the begining of Sure Naba to the end of Quran    M.Sc.    entekhabian, zohre    2016-03-14
33    The History of Musical Chanting Of The Holy Quran The reason and the modality    Ph.D    kordlouie, melika    2016-04-18
34    Infrastructures of statistical researches in holy Quran with an emphasis on the role of Ghira'at and orthography.    Ph.D    sadeghiniya, azam    2016-11-23
35    kalami( Theological) views of sayyed Ali khan Madani and their settings on the divine attributes in Riyaz al_ Salekin    Ph.D    taheri, narges    2017-02-13
36    Methodology of minnah al mannan by sadr (Introductions, sources, Elected Views)    M.Sc.    Maiber, Hayder Hamzah Abed    2017-07-02
37    The Concept of Terrorism in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Ahl al-Bayt (as): An Analytical Study to Answer the Allegations against Islam    M.Sc.    Al - Muslimawi, Mohammed Saeed    2017-07-02
38    Recognition of elements and method of interpretation in altafsir Alvasit Mohammad Sayyed Tantavi    Ph.D    mogaddam, mohammad    2017-10-23
39    Morphology of surah Az – Hijr    M.Sc.    zafarmand, farzaneh    2017-11-20
40    Investigating the approaches of interpreters and translators to infinitives that are annexed to subject and object in the Holy Quran (based on famous interpretations and selected translations)    Ph.D    Mazraee Farahani, Mohammad Reza    2018-04-30
41    A survey of the semantic realm of the terms of Qarar (dwelling) and Istiqrar (settling) in the Quran.    M.Sc.    Tolooie, Amir    2018-07-16